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How Secure is a Lindal Home?

posted by Prairie Cedar Homes    |   November 22, 2017 13:36

Most of us hope we’ll never have to experience a hurricane as they can wreak havoc on houses, breaking windows, tearing off roofs, and sometimes, it can even pull an entire house off its foundation. Lindal homes have been built in hurricane-prone areas all over the world — from the Carribean to Florida, and have experienced their share of hurricanes. Over the years, we’ve collected stories from Lindal homeowners who tell us how their Lindal home survived the storm of the decade — or in some cases, the century.

Through direct experience, our homeowners are discovering how well their Lindal homes are built to withstand the strongest storms. Often, a Lindal home is the only home left standing intact in a devastated neighborhood. Below is a before photo of the home of Mike and Elaine McDonnell, as well as an 'after hurricane' photo. As you can tell, the home has not entirely changed at all, except for the fallen deck and debris surrounding the home.


Unfortunately, the homes of their neighbors in the aftermath of Category 5 Hurricane Irma did not fare as well.

This is truly the Lindal Difference. We are proud to stand behind our homes because they are built to last a lifetime.

Lindal Homes Survive Hurricanes!

posted by Prairie Cedar Homes    |   September 30, 2017 14:36


A customer's testimonial for their home surviving furry of Hurricane Irma...
Lindal Lifetime Structural Warranty is unique in the industry. Why settle for less?

The ability to customize for site and lifestyle; to personalize and regionalize through scores of material options requires a building system that thinks and behaves outside the box. The Lindal pre-engineered post and beam system is the product of innovation and continuous improvements. Well-detailed and time-tested, it carries the industry's only Lifetime Structural Warranty.

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