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Additional Dwelling Units - Secondary Suites


At Lindal Homes, our custom-designed kit homes are made to meet the needs of a growing market, and a growing family. Our flexible floor plans and multiple home style options allow our clients to construct a Lindal ADU, DADU, studio or backyard guest house which meet all city zoning and permitting requirements.

Most major cities, such as Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Winnipeg, are now allowing additional residences (ADUs) which are built next to or attached to an existing residence. 

These living areas not only conform to the style of the primary residence, but they can also be completely detached, built over a garage, or they can be connected to the main house directly. 


secondary living suite that is independent of the main structure is perfect for elderly parents, an older child living at home, a hobby space, or even a rental suite to generate more income. Lindal Homes small home designs are ideal for a secondary suite as they are functional and affordable. 

Most importantly, Lindal Homes offers all of our clients the ability to design with our 3D architect, giving them guaranteed pricing no matter when we build! Lindal ships builds worldwide, and therefore we are truly the "Superstore" of quality building materials. 



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