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A Visionary's Legacy - Cottage Life Fall Edition 2013

posted by Prairie Cedar Homes    |   January 30, 2014 10:15



Sir Walter passed in September 2011 and we all miss him but his incredible legacy lives on in the family, company, dealers, and our homeowners who are living his dream. 

Recently the editor of Cottage magazine called to inquire about Sir Walter's life, and they completed a 5 page story for their fall edition - see below!

Cottage specializes in recreational living for Western Canada and Peter Robson, editor, said it best in his Editor's Notes, "It's a pretty amazing accomplishment for a homebuilder to have produced 1,000 homes, let alone 50,000 as is the case with Lindal Cedar Homes. Look almost anywhere there are cottages and you'll likely see a Lindal, whether new or built more than 50 years ago."  

Cottage_Life_Fall_2013_Lindal.pdf (4.05 mb)

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