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To Have a Basement or Not

Growing up in the Prairie provinces, you come to expect a basement in your home. It is usually unfinished, space where you keep your laundry room and storage. It's the dark space that you only go in to get Christmas decorations or to do laundry.

But basements can be so much more than storage. More and more, people are want to buy and build houses with a finished basement.


Why? Well, two main reasons:

  1. Added value
  2. Added living space

Lindal Homes often help home buyers to build one or two-storey houses, and basements are a great option if you want two-storeys, but your lot doesn't permit you to have a two-storey. With a basement, you can build downward instead of up! Basements and garages are counted depending on who is providing the quote. In a Lindal home, the basement is only counted as part of the final square footage calculation if it is a finished space with interior partition walls, doors, trim, etc. 

Why Build a Basement

Added Value

A finished basement adds value to your home due to the extra living space it provides. Basements, finished or not, do not add value in terms of square footage. This is because of the rules in some provinces on how you can count and add square-footage, below-ground spaces do not often count towards this.

There are various estimates of the value of basements, ranging between 50% and 70% of the above-ground value. Depending on your province, the basement may count towards square-footage. However, you should check with your local realtor or appraiser to make sure.

This doesn't mean though that having an unfinished basement is unnecessary! 

Added Living Space

If, when building your dream home, you know that this will be the home that you will grow and raise your family in, a basement may be a great option. Finished basements will allow for extra space for your children to live and hang out it. It can also become a place for you to host parties or put a gym when your children move out. Many use the basement as a place for their children or family to have fun in. 

Creating a less formal family space in the basement can add value to the quality of your life!

Basements are more than what value it will add to your house, but also about what value it will add to your family's lives!

Building a basement depends entirely on what you and your family need from your dream house. A basement may not be ideal if it is a home to retire in, but if this will be the home your children grow up in, a basement may be a good idea! 

Another option could be a bonus area. "Bonus" areas, such as lofts, screen porches, and covered breezeways, may or may not be counted, yet can significantly affect your final price. In a Lindal home, loft space is measured as part of the square footage, but usually covered outdoor areas are not.

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