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Building a Lindal Imagine Home in Red Deer

Building a custom home is the dream of many people, but it can sometimes seem daunting or financially out of reach, which is why so many will settle for buying new. However, buying new doesn't always mean that you don't have to make updates or changes. This is because buying new isn't the same as building your custom home!

Lindal Western helps home buyers make their ideal home come to life! And with interest prices at an all-time low, now is the time to put building your custom dream home into action.

Lindal Imagine Series

Building a custom home allows you to build your dream house and have it be move-in ready. There is nothing you have to change or paint or replace because you made it entirely yours. 

Lindal helps you to make your dreams come true. 

Lindal Western Canada is in the business of creating and building your dream home!

We have recently partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to launch our Imagine Series of homes. A collaboration between everything you love about Lindal homes and the designs and vision of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous and well-known architect known for his Usonian homes. These homes have been updated for modern living and to fit the lives of Lindal clients. The homes in the Lindal Imagine Series were designed to be affordable and customizable to the middle class. Many of these houses are single level, which means less to heat in the cold Edmonton winters! 

Choose from seven different designs for your dream custom home; all premium materials that are pre-engineered and all come with a lifetime warranty that will give you and your family peace of mind. These homes are pre-fab (pre-fabricated), which is perfect for those that live a busy or stressful life. All you'll have to do is choose and finalize your design with Doug or Barb, Lindal Western Canada's dealers and buy your plot of land! Your home will be shipped there and assembled on your property!

Lindal wanted to create home designs to meet today's families' needs and lifestyles, deeply rooted in Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Organic Architecture' principles of harmony, sustainability, and integration with nature. These homes are designed with spaces for quiet reflection and exuberant celebration. That is what the Lindal Imagine Series does.

To learn more, register for our Imagine Series Webinar on August 12th.

Building a Custom Home in Red Deer

Red Deer is a hidden gem halfway between Calgary and Edmonton. They are known as the cultural capital of Canada due to its plethora of arts and culture groups. Red Deer has a reputation as a place to do crazy things like muddy obstacle races and water sports, making you feel like a superhero.

It is a beautiful city with a small-town feel. From a wonderful food scene to exciting and fun outdoor activities, this city is ideal for building a custom home. A few hours from Alberta's two major cities, Red Deer has its own feel and vibe that is different from Calgary and Edmonton. 

It is a great place to raise a family or retire in or vacation in. All the amenities of a big city without the noise of a big city!